Encouragement in High Definition

With the growth of technology and the internet, and the positive (and sadly negative at times) effect it has had upon communication, there are many sources of inspiration, encouragement, and challenges to critical thinking available to all who wish to seek this material out. Below you will find links to HD quality video that will hopefully encourage, inspire and challenge your thinking for the better. Some of the people speaking (and performing) have a a strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ; some do not, some are like minded politically; some are not. With that being said; the one thing they all have in common, because of the grace, and mercy, of God, is that they all have been gifted in the areas of encouragement, inspiration and the ability to challenge critical thinking. My prayer is that with each video that is viewed a broader view of life, and how it can be lived, will be the end result for every viewer. People can have a profound, and positive, affect on others, below are examples of this truth. Below is video material that can educate, increase our knowledge base, and aid us in becoming more valuable to those around us. Be challenged. Be inspired. Be encouraged.

*Also, you can listen to Arboretum’s speakers in podcast format on iTunes. Just type in “fortymen” search box and you will then be able to listen/download the content. Arboretum podcast website also can be found at http://www.fortymen.podbean.com. Be Encouraged!

File:Vincent Van Gogh 0020.jpg

Wheat Field with Cypresses, 1889, Vincent van Gogh

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