“I am religious.” 
“I am in a relationship.” 

Which of those two sounds more exciting?  Religion is by it’s very definition a belief system, or a system of beliefs.  It’s an intellectual structure of the way you think about a personal God.  It is like a textbook – while very important as a store of knowledge and reference materials, it is not dynamic. 

A relationship on the other hand is about connection.  Connection from one person to another.  Physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual connection.  It is dynamic. It is electric. It is attractive. It is contagious.  It is all consuming.

Those are the words of Ben Hartings as he reflected upon the testimony of Jerry Lucas last week as the fortymen group, Arboretum, had the extraordinary privilege to listen to Jerry speak encouragement into the lives of those in attendance.

Jerry Lucas graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Ohio State University. Not only a scholastic achiever, he excelled as an athlete as well. Jerry became the only basketball player in collegiate history to lead the nation in field goal percentage and rebounding for three years, thus becoming the only three-time recipient of the Big Ten player-of-the-year award. This achievement still has not been duplicated or surpassed. Chosen seven times as an All-Pro during his professional basketball career, Jerry was named one of the 50 most outstanding NBA players of all time. Being inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame in 1979 was perhaps his crowning achievement as an athlete.  Recently, Jerry was chosen as one of the five most outstanding college basketball players of the twentieth century by Sports Illustrated in its article entitled “Team of the Ages,” which appeared in the November, 1999 College Basketball preview issue.

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Ohio State

Jerry Lucas is presented with an award for being one of the top 75 all-time March Madness players

As a boy with a very active mind, NBA legend Jerry Lucas challenged himself by inventing mental games to test his memory. At an early age, Jerry realized that being a successful student in school took knowing not only HOW to learn but also HOW TO RETAIN that learned information. He became determined to develop ways to make the learning process EASY, FUN and LONG-LASTING.


Jerry Lucas: Sports Illustrated (Jan. 11, 1961)

Like a farmer who plants small seeds in the soil and carefully tends them so that they grow, Jerry has devoted his life to cultivating ideas and methods for fun and easy memory-retention. The resulting methods are now known as The Lucas Learning System™ and have earned him the title of Doctor Memory™. Although Mr. Lucas initially achieved fame and success by his impressive basketball accomplishments, he continues to score off the court as well. Through the years, Jerry has taught his memory-retention system to millions of people either in seminars or through sales of his books. Not only did he co-author the New York Times best-seller The Memory Book, he also has entertained countless television viewers with guest appearances on TV talk shows during which he dazzled large numbers of studio audience members by demonstrating his ability to meet and remember all of their names.In total, Jerry Lucas has authored more than sixty books in the field of memory training and learning systems. Doctor Memory™ is now widely known and respected as an expert in developing the many methods that encompass his concept known as Learning That Lasts™.

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Jerry Lucas: NY Knicks (1971)