“When life get’s flipped upside down, do a hand stand.”

What happens when your life get’s flipped upside down?  How would you react?  Fear, anxiety and stress certainly set in. But what about embracing the moment.  Feeling the deep inner peace that all is in a greater plan for your life?  How about…doing a hand stand?  When Dr. Robert Pema’s wife Colleen started to pull him away from his comfortable suburban life as an ENT doctor, he was concerned…He was nervous…and in many ways, he was upset.

Don’t pull me like that…I’m standing…on firm ground, with a good job, a nice income and I like the suburban, comfortable life I’m leading.

She asked, just one time honey, will you go to church with me?  Just one time…And Dr. Pema said yes.  He began to follow, first his wife. Just once, he followed her to church.  And he thought that was it.  Just one time, now she (or should I say He) will let me go.  But that was not it, the ground started to shift underneath his feet.  Just one time…Honey just one time, go with me to this bible study.  Go with me.  Come with me.  Yes, Dr. Pema said.  Just one time.  I will go.  And now she (He) will let me go. But the ground shifted once more…The Lord was working in his life.  He started to respond, more than just once.  He responded first every Sunday.  Then every day.  He could see a change.

His life was changing.

Dr. Pema accepted the He that had been pursuing him…he accepted Jesus Christ.  And when Dr. Pema accepted him, his life was flipped upside down.  And he was nervous, scared and stressed.  But rather than run away…He embraced it, and did a hand stand.  He stood with Christ.  Dr. Pema decided to reach out and be the hands and feet.  There were people in need of his services, of his expertise in countries all across the world.  Particularly in El Salvador. So he went.  He went with fear and trembling…yes, Lord, just one time I will go… and he went.  And Jesus met him there.

So Dr. Pema’s life has been changed, but for the better.

He is no longer standing on his hands, no longer doing a hand stand.  But rather, he is back on solid ground.  But this ground is not shifting.  It is not built on sand.  It is built on the Rock – the Rock that most builders reject, has become his cornerstone – the Rock of Jesus Christ.  Now Dr. Pema doesn’t just say, just one time…He says, how many times Lord?  How many times do you need me?  And he has been back to El Salvador six times in 3 years.  He wishes he could be there more. Not because of admiration or awards.  Because Christ has called him there.  He called him there just once, and Dr. Pema said yes.  What is the Lord asking of you today?  Whatever it is, say yes, if only just once.

Follow him today.

-Ben Hartings