Below are the words of Paul Boyer recapping the words of our guest speakers, John Paul and Beth Musagala. I believe the first meeting of Arboretum, with 17 in attendance, was a great success as All felt the presence of God and all was encouraged by what they saw and what they heard. Praise be to God! – Shawn

Psalm 140:12

John Paul (JP) Musagala of ( shared with us God’s plan for his family (wife, Beth; son, Hezekiah).  God has placed on his heart a mission to serve in his native Uganda, where Dictators, AIDS and poverty have taken a great toll on the people.  And yet the Ugandan Christians praise God for their very existence in what we would consider almost unbearable squalor.  It is the pure praise and love of God displayed by the people in the villages that compelled JP and Beth to follow God’s leading and be a part of something extra-ordinary.

Hope in the Land focuses on both the spiritual and physical needs of the people, providing education, clean water, basic hygiene and medical assistance.

Clearly, God has blessed their work over the years and continues to answer prayers, specifically by connecting JP and Beth with others who are in a position to move the ministry forward.  As men who live in comparative luxury, we should be humbled by this work in Uganda, encouraged by God’s blessings upon this ministry, compelled to pray for God to continue to use His servants to do His will and open to God’s leading on any role we can play (prayer, introductions, in-kind gifts, financial support, sharing the story).

May God continue to bless Hope in the Land, and strengthen His servants to do His will with joy and clarity of purpose!

Psalm 140:12; “I know that the Lord will maintain the cause of the afflicted and justice for the poor.”  -Paul Boyer